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According to Kids...

By Jody Czapla

Not long ago, I was working on a project dealing with Land Use and, in typical fashion, calling my computer quite a few names. One of my three kids walked in the door, rolled her eyes, and stated, "You are working on land use again".

This made me think and wonder just how much my kids know about what I do and what land use is. I never realized that for all the hours I put in doing this job, how little I share with my kids about what I really do or what land use is. Later that night, I sat all three down and ask them what they thought land use was and what I really did. Some of the answers really opened my eyes. I won't use their names; but, I will use their ages.

9 - A trail we do for fun.

13 - Something that causes great frustration.

15 - Trying to get people to stop abusing trails.

13 - Something mom yells about a lot.

15 - Cleaning trails.

13 - Information about land that other people gather.

9 - A trail that a lot of people go on for fun.

13 - Trying to get people to go with clubs on trails to show them how much fun it is.

15 - Cause more awareness about how trails get shut down.

After hearing their answers and having a short talk about what land use is and what I do, I thought it a good time to talk to them about "green groups". This brought up some interesting answers as well. By this time, my 9 year old was in bed so you only get the 13 and the 15 year old points.

13 - Tree hugging hippies.

15 - They protect the forest but only they are allowed to use it. No other groups should be allowed.

13 - They don't like people. They prefer trees.

15 - They have gang like ideas.

13 - They think they are better than us.

15 - They are setting a bad example for their kids using spike strips and things like that.

13 - They ruin it for all of us.

My kids live with me and my husband day in and day out and had no clue as to what land use is. They had no idea how this will affect their future and the future of my grand kids (ok, I got a little ahead of myself there). We take the time to sit down explain the things we feel are important; but, we forget to tell them what we are doing to better their future. As a whole, we need to work together so everyone understands what we are fighting for and why. Let us give our kids a head start on things like this so when they come home and see us yelling at our computer or newspaper, they have an idea why. Let us listen to them; maybe, their ideas aren't so far off.

Do you know what land use is?

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Jody Czapla