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Dedicated to conservation and multiple use of public lands for recreation opportunities.

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Recreational Access and Conservation Glossary
Note: A comprehensive glossary of acronyms (The Acronym Glossary of Property Rights) is available from the Property Rights Research web site.

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ACEC  Area of Critical Environmental Concern: The management objective for an area designated as an ACEC would be to protect that particular resource, potentially at the exclusion of conflicting resource values. An ACEC designation can apply to visual resources, wildlife resources, etc.
ALSPA  America's Land Sovereignty Protection Act
ANPRM  Advanced Notice of Proposed Wilderness
AMP  Allotment Management Plan
AMA D36  American Motorcycle Association District 36
APD Application for Permit to Drill: The BLM, after following the NEPA process and preparing an EA or EIS may either approve or deny such application.
ARF  Animal Rights Fanatic
ARWA  America's Redrock Wilderness Act
ATV  All Terrain Vehicle
AUM  Animal Unit Month

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BLM  Bureau of Land Management 
BRC  Blue Ribbon Coalition 

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CA4WDC California Association of Four Wheel Drive Clubs
CDFE  Center for Defense of Free Enterprise 
CE Categorical Exclusion: A management decision to exclude a particular action from certain NEPA processes (i.e., no scoping, no EA).
CLEAR  Clearinghouse on Environmental Advocacy and Research 
CMA  Citizens Management Alternative
CRT  Coalition for Recreational Trails
CWCS  Citizens With Common Sense

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DEIS  Draft Environmental Impact Statement: See EIS
DOI Department of Interior
DR/FONSI Decision Record/Finding of No Significant Impact: Signed decision of the agency stating that the agency has found that no significant impact to the environment would result from the proposed action. This decision may be appealed to the state director.

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EA  Environmental Assessment: The document that NEPA requires the agencies to prepare in order to address and analyze proposed actions on public lands. The EA must address issues raised by the public during "scoping."
EDF  Environmental Defense Fund 
EF  Earth First!
EIS  Environmental Impact Statement: A document similar to, but much more extensive than, an EA. An EIS must analyze all cumulative, direct, and indirect impacts of a proposed action.
EPA  Environmental Protection Agency
ETRN  Eco Terrorist Response Network 

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FLPMA  Federal Land Policy and Management Act: The law that governs the management of BLM lands.
FOE  Friends of the Earth 
FS  Forest Service

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GAG  Green Advocacy Group
GIS  Global Information System
GPS  Global Positioning System

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HR 1500  House Resolution Number normally assigned randomly. This number has been repeatedly used and is synonymous with Utah Land Use.

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IBLA Interior Board of Land Appeals: The final administrative appeals body for any proposed actions on public lands.
IRR  Interim Road Rules

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 Legacy Project (California) Legacy Project: An effort promoted by the California Resources Agency to set aside core habitat areas and linkages within the State of California

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MFP  Management Framework Plan

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NAIA  National Animal Interest Alliance 
NCA  National Conservation Area
NEPA  National Environmental Policy Act: The law that forces the BLM and Forest Service to involve the public in the decision-making process.
NOHVCC  National Off-Highway Vehicle Conservation Council, Inc. 
NOI Notice of Intent
NPCA  National Parks and Conservation Association 
NPDES National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) Permit Program
NRA  National Recreation Area
NRTFA  National Recreational Funds Act, renamed Recreational Trails Program Act under the Transportation Equality Act for the 21st Century.
NSO No Surface Occupancy: No structures may be built or placed within an area classified as NSO. The RMP for a particular area should delineate the oil and gas categories throughout the area ranging from Category I-IV, where: I - open, II - restricted, III - NSO, and IV - no leasing.
NTC  Nevada Trails Coalition 

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OHV  Off Highway Vehicle
ONA  Outstanding Natural Area
ORV  Off Road Vehicle

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PETA  People for the Ethetical Treatment of Animals
PFW  People for the U.S.A. 

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Resources Agency (California) Resources Agency
RMA  Resource Management Area
RMP  Resource Management Plan: The thick and sometimes multi-volume guiding document for each BLM resource area. The plans are not static, but may be amended as different resources become more important.
ROS  Recreational Opportunity Spectrum
ROW  Right of Way
RS 2477  RS 2477 Rights-of-way or More info on RS 2477 

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SC  Sierra Club 
SDORC  San Diego Off-Road Coalition 
SDR State Director Review: An appeal of the DR/FONSI, CE, or other agency action to the state director of the BLM.
SMA  Special Management Area
SWFWDA  Southwest Four Wheel Drive Association 
SUWA  Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance 

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TDS Tierra del Sol Four Wheel Drive Club of San Diego. Club hosts a nationally know trail event (Tierra del SOl Desert Safari) in Southern California.
Tread Lightly  Tread Lightly 
TMDL Total Maximum Daily Load
TMTC  Texas Motorized Trail Coalition
TMVC  Texas Motorized Vehicle Coalition

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UFWDA  United Fourwheel Drive Associations 
USDAFS  United States Department of Agriculture Forest Service 
USFWS  United States Fish and Wildlife Service 
UWC  Utah Wilderness Coalition

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VRM  Visual Resource Management: These are management objectives for visual values. Once VRM classes are established, the visual objective must be met.

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Wildlands Project The Wildlands Project: An ambitious environmental agenda being proposed that would place over 50% of the United States into 'core habitat' areas with interconnecting 'linkages'.
WS Wild & Scenic: Certain stretches of rivers that qualify may be Congressionally designated as wild and/or scenic. This designation is similar to "wilderness," and would prevent boating, jet-skis, and developments within a defined river corridor.
WSA  Wilderness Study Area: The BLM is required to manage these areas to prevent degradation of their wilderness characteristics. It is important to note that these areas have not yet been designated as wilderness by Congress, but are instead those areas that the BLM has identified as holding potential wilderness characteristics.

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