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Friends of Oceano Dunes - Update

January 3, 2002


Friends of Oceano Dunes LogoMore than 50% of the visitors to the Oceano Dunes come from the California Central Valley. Therefore, it is VERY important that we hold meetings in this area. We are lucky to have several KEY people who have STEPPED UP to ensure this meeting is a success.

We are anticipating more than 300 people in attendance. We are working fast and furious to promote this event via the newspaper, radio, signs, phone calls, and letters. Please make sure you try to attend this event and bring 10 of your friends. We will make room!

506 North Douty
Hanford, CA 93232

Kim Kammer - 559-322-1242

Butch Hotz - 559-308-0935

Gene Schroeder - 559-445-1446

February 9, 2002

There will be a HUGE raffle of great prizes and a bounce house for children to play while the adults get informed!! If you would like to help or donate, please contact Kim, Butch or Gene.


We are trying desperately to complete our petition drive in January. We will continue to accept petitions after January to incorporate into our database.

Please volunteer some time to help collect signatures and MOST importantly get the data entered into our system.

Be proud, we have received well over 12,000 signatures to date!!!

For more information, please contact Karen Suty at

We are in a HUGE fight to keep the Oceano Dunes open. We have accomplished a great deal over the past 7 months due to the efforts of many key individuals. During our meetings and travels we have talked with many people from all walks of life and location.

We continually have to answer questions like:

Q) Are they really going to close the beach?
A) 2 beaches have been closed in Lompoc and 2 beaches have been closed in Santa Barbara during the nesting season. Unless we fight hard, we might also show up to a CLOSED sign. Once the Oceano Dunes are closed, there is nothing stopping the unbalanced environmentalists from closing Pismo and Avila beaches!

Q) Isn't State Parks fighting the lawsuit?
A) YES! State Parks is fighting very hard to keep the Oceano Dunes open. But, lets face it, California is in a budget crisis and a spending freeze has been put into place. We do not want anymore "compromises" or deals where "our" interests might not have the best representation. We will continue to work with State Parks and other state agencies.

Q) Is Honda or other large corporations helping?
A) NO! To date, NOmanufacturers have donated time, money or resources! We are dependant on the generosity of many businesses and individuals for donations. We also depend on sales from our merchandise and raffles.

Q) How much money is needed?
A) Early estimates are approximately $200,000 to fight this legal battle. The data and science is in our favor.but we need the financial backing to fight a winning fight! Please HELP!!

We are at an important cross roads in keeping the Oceano Dunes open. It is time where we must make a stand and accept no more compromises.

Get Involved, or Lose It All!

Please feel free to donate on-line at:

We also are offering our custom t-shirts for $15 and our awesome new stickers for $2. All proceeds go to our legal fund.

For more information on our merchandise, contact Ginger Schenk



Friends of Oceano Dunes!
P. O. Box 398
Oceano, CA 93445

Friends of Oceano Dunes is a 501(c)(3) California Not-for-Profit Public Benefit Corporation, comprised of over 12,000 members. We represent businesses, environmentalists, equestrians, campers, fishermen, families and off-road enthusiasts who enjoy the benefits of Public Access through Responsible Recreation at the Oceano Dunes State Vehicular Recreation Area (ODSVRA). We want to maintain Access For All!

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