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OHV Challenges Green's Claim to Divine Right for Use of Tesla at Livermore City Council Meeting

In response to yet another attempt by some anti-OHV environmental groups and the East Bay Regional Park District to ban or “interfere” with future OHV use on the Tesla portion of Carnegie SVRA, over 200 members of the OHV community – including many youth - attended the Livermore City Council meeting last night to express their support for Carnegie SVRA and future OHV use at Tesla.
In January, a cabal of anti-OHV groups presented the Council with their distorted and perverted view that the Tesla property was actually theirs by Divine Right.  They urged the Council to join and support their politically motivated quest to ban OHV use at Tesla, a use for which that property was purchased – and approved by the legislature – in the 1990s.
Jan. 17 Article on Anti-OHV Cabal at Livermore City Council
A large number of Livermore residents gave their personal testimony about what an important role that Carnegie SVRA has played in their family’s life.  AMA District 36 representatives, 4WD groups, and others talked about the park’s history and its economic value to the local area. 
BRC’s western representative, Carnegie user, and former OHMVR commissioner (circa 1994-2000) Don Amador, explained the OHV community’s original vision for Tesla regarding it being the perfect site for a high quality backcountry trail experience on designated routes for both non-street legal and street-legal OHVs including 4WDs, SxSs, and SUVs.
Amador also presented the Council with several letters that detailed the inappropriate relationship between environmental groups and East Bay Regional Park District.  Those documents highlight what appear to be violations of CEQA and the Public Resources Code.
HQ credits Livermore Mayor John Marchand for his acknowledgment of the Council’s jurisdictional limitations when it comes to formal actions they can take regarding the Carnegie planning process.  The Mayor did say that city staff will review – per standard protocol – the Carnegie Draft EIR for potential impacts to the city.
Link to CEQA and PRC Violations
The Recreation HQ commends the OHV community for their determination to fight for Carnegie SVRA and to challenge those agenda driven environmental groups who want to interfere with responsible OHV recreation at the Park.
*If you attended the meeting… please leave a comment on this forum and tell your story to our readers.


Original author: Don Amador

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CARNEGIE ACTION ALERT - Send Letters to Livermore City Council and Attend May 11 Council Meeting


Dear Carnegie Fans,

We are getting very close to being able to use the new property!  However, the NO crowd continues to stir the pot with the Livermore City Council.  Council members are getting anti-Carnegie emails from the usual folks as a way to gin up opposition from the Council at their May 11, 2015 meeting.

Once again, we are going to have to show up in large numbers (local riders from Livermore and nearby are important because they are voters!).  I am asking you to do two things:

ACTION ITEM ONE – Send in a pro-Carnegie email to ALL of the Livermore City Council members (each member as an email box where you can cut n paste an email).  I have crafted a sample letter that you may use to send or better yet… craft your own email.  Either way – send an email today and ask your rider network to do the same.




I strongly support the Preliminary General Plan, Draft EIR, and Notice of Availability of the Draft EIR for Carnegie SVRA.

Carnegie SVRA became a unit of the State Park system in July 1980. The original 1,575-acre site, which had been used by off-highway vehicles (OHVs) since the 1940s, was operated as a private motorcycle park from 1970 to 1979 before being purchased by the California Department of Parks and Recreation (State Parks) using dedicated OHV Trust Funds. Legislative action (California Public Resources Code, Section 5006.48) authorized State Parks to plan, acquire, and develop the site for OHV use. From 1996 to 1998, State Parks used legislatively appropriated OHV Trust Funds to acquire an additional 3,100 acres of neighboring lands to provide expanded OHV recreation opportunities. The additional acreage was classified as SVRA lands and added to Carnegie SVRA. The additional acreage is referred to as the expansion area.

This plan will help meet the regional demand for managed OHV recreation that includes dirt-bikes, ATVs, SxSs, 4WDs, and SUVs.  The original 1,575-acre SVRA has long been enjoyed by the off-road motorcycle community.  However, there were few opportunities for the larger OHVs.  The expansion area will provide important touring and backcountry type experiences for 4WDs and SxSs on sustainable trails.

This project complies with existing statutes (SB 742) and subsequent revisions which authorizes and directs California State Parks to implement and administer a program to manage and enhance off-highway motor vehicle recreational uses, and motorized off-highway access to non-motorized recreation (Public Resources Code, Sections 5090.01 et seq.)

I believe the environmental analysis was substantive and thorough and will help ensure that planned actions such as trail construction will not cause significant environmental impacts.

I urge you and the council to support this plan.


ACTION ITEM TWO – Attend the May 11, 2015 Livermore City Council Meeting



Original author: Don Amador

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THE FIRE NEXT TIME - Stunning Film/Case Study of 2013 Rim Fire - A Must Watch Video

Post Rim Fire View of FS System OHV Trail on Stanislaus NF

One of the topics covered at the recent Central CA BLM RAC meeting was an update on the impacts of intense wildfires on the resource and local communities.

Forest Health Presentation at BLM RAC Meeting

The Yosemite Collaborative Working Group created an excellent 13 minute video as a case study of the 2013 Rim Fire.  The Fire Next Time has excellent footage and narratives from FS, timber, and conservation representatives.

THE FIRE NEXT TIME (about 13 min)

As the 2015 Fire season arrives early this year, the HQ believes it is critically important that recreationists, environmentalists, government officials, agency staff, and other stakeholders craft a way to work together to support important forest health/fuel reduction efforts as a tool to help stem the size and scope of severe/intense wildfires.

The Recreation HQ thanks you for taking time to review this important film.

Original author: Don Amador

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Intense Wildfire and Over Regulation Impact OHV Recreation - Letter to EPA from BRC

Closure Order - 2012 Mill Fire
Mendocino National Forest

The Recreation HQ believes it is important for recreationists to understand just how important forest health fuel projects (mechanical treatments such as logging or mastication, prescribed fire, fuel breaks) are as a management tool to help protect recreation facilities (i.e. trail catch basins, rolling dips, staging areas, etc.) from intense uncontrolled wildfires that burn mostly in the summer months. 

Many of the same regulatory agencies such as EPA and CA Air Resources Board that govern OHV engine emissions also have regulations that, for the most part,  functionally eliminate  the use of prescribed fire  to address excessive fuel loading on Forest Service, BLM, state, and private lands.

Because forest health projects are so important to both motorized and non-motorized recreation, I accepted an initiation to join FireScape Mendocino almost 3 years ago to try and find common ground with other stakeholders on fuel projects that could help reduce the threat of uncontrolled intense wildfires that often destroy OHV opportunities at areas such as Stonyford on the Mendocino National Forest (2012 Mill Fire) and Hull Creek OHV Area on the Stanislaus (2013 Rim Fire).

Mechanical Treatment
Sierra National Forest

Link to FireScape Mendocino

That interest in forest health is what prompted BRC to submit a formal comment letter to the EPA on proposed regulations that appear to only further restrict land managers from using prescribed fire as a management tool.

Link to March 16, 2015 BRC Letter to EPA (more pics etc.)

It seems that wildfire impacts to recreation and access to forest lands are often overlooked in the debate.  I believe it is time to change that dynamic. 

If you would like to see another article on fuel breaks (another management tool), you can click on the link below:

Link to QWR Fuel Break Article

Please feel free to leave a comment and share your views on this subject.

Thanks for your interest!

Original author: Don Amador

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Support YOUR Favorite CA OHV Grant Projects - Comment Period Ends April 6, 2015

OHV Grant Supported OHV Bridge
Tahoe NF

The Recreation HQ is back in 2015 with one of our first alerts and that is in regards to letting your voice be heard when it comes to support for the CA OHV Grant Program.

OHV Restoration Grant
Mendocino NF

The CA OHV Grant Program provides critical funding to help augment congressional appropriations for OHV recreation on federal lands.  Having served on the Region 5 Recreation Resource Advisory Committee and OHMVR Commission, I can attest to the important role the grant program plays to ensure that OHV recreation remains a viable activity on FS/BLM lands and county parks.  Managing sustainable OHV recreation in the 21st Century requires an “all hands approach” which includes grants, appropriated funds, and volunteerism.

OHV Grant for Signs/Safety
BLM Samoa Dunes Recreation Area

The OHMVR Division has made it easy to comment by going to the link below.  The comment period ends on April 6, 2015. This period provides an opportunity for the public to review and provide comments to the preliminary applications submitted to the OHMVR Division for consideration during the 2014/15 grant cycle.

LINK to Comments

OHV Grant to Reopen Youngs Corral Bypass
Mendocino NF

Remember this is your program and your letter shows both support for the applicants and the OHMVR Division grant staff that works hard to administer the process.



Original author: Don Amador

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