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Don’t Get Caught Off-guard Cruising from a Base Camp

Base Camp
A base camp allows you to bring lots of extra "comfort" gear that you do not need to take with you each day.
As you prepare for your next 4WD excursion, I’m sure you put a lot of thought into what to take. Naturally, that depends on what types of trails you’ll drive on and what destinations you expect to visit. Included are some thoughts about recovery and survival.

But, once you’re started your journey, do you still think about safety and survival? Specifically, if you’re traveling from a base camp, have you given much thought to what if?

Cruise vs. base camp

Once off-road, trips tend to fall into one of two categories, cruise and base camp.
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Aussie Trail Voters Elect New Prime Minister

OHV plays important part in Australian election

TPAC was formed in 2011 to give OHV voters a voice in federal elections. Because of your efforts in 2012, a number of pro-trail candidates were elected to the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives where they are working hard to champion policies that support responsible OHV use on public lands.

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Vehicle Donation Program provides support for BRC

BlueRibbon Coalition Vehicle Donation ProgramVehicle Donation Program continues to provide support for BRC to keep public lands open and is a Win-Win for members

The Partnership between the Vehicles for Charity (VFC) and the BlueRibbon Coalition has continued to grow since the program kicked off in July 2008.  As we move toward the fall of 2013, I am pleased to report that the Vehicle For Charity (VFC) program continues to help BlueRibbon Coalition efforts to maintain access to our public lands.

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Bubba Rope

The Bubba Rope - Renegade Model Breaking Strength is 19,000. This rope has already seen hard use in my class.
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I have been experimenting with a Bubba rope now for a few months. The one I have is the recently released Renegade model. It is designed primarily for 2 door jeep size vehicles. This one is rated at 19,000 lb. breaking strength and is 20 feet long.

The Bubba rope is representative of the higher end manufactures in that they have a tag attached on one end of the rope with all the specs. This is important – don’t use anything for recovery if you do not know the ratings for which it is designed. If you buy any recovery gear that does not have a tag, write, carve or engrave the information from the package onto the product.
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Help: I am stuck in an Endless Circle of Indecision

(Rules for decision making)

What you plan to do impacts your need for modifications if any. (Click picture for a larger image.)

And I am enjoying it. I get to chew over every catalog, every Internet site and every vehicle I see. Maybe the analogy is a stretch, but it feels a bit like dating.

Four wheeling, as a rule, entails frequent changes or improvements to the vehicle and gear. You should understand that your vehicle will evolve as you develop more skills and a better understanding of the type of driving you will be doing.
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