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BREAKING NEWS - OHV Challenges FS Planning Rule

Dear OHV Enthusiast,

Effective OHV advocacy requires us to be substantively engaged in stakeholder groups, on-site projects, volunteerism, trail ethics, politics, legal, and the administrative process.

As you know, I am a contractor to the BlueRibbon Coalition and have served as their Western Representative for over 19 years. In that capacity, I have had lead roles on behalf of the organization on critical access issues such as the Clinton-Gore Roadless Initiative, the Sierra Nevada Framework, and their related legal and administrative challenges.

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10 Rules of Trail Etiquette

10 Rules of Trail Etiquette

Don't lose the vehicle behind Keep track of the vehicle behind you.

Despite what some people think, we four wheelers are very considerate when off road. We stay on marked trails, look out for others, obey the rules, and clean up after ourselves. I’m sure you are a responsible driver. Even so, it’s good to review trail etiquette from time to time.

Here are my top 10 rules of etiquette for four wheeling and camping. Read this list carefully. Are any of these unfamiliar to you? Do you need to brush up on any principles?
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Camping Gear Repair Kit

Camping Gear Repair Kit

Strap, Rope, Hardware Build a repair kit for your off-Road gear.

One of the keys to a successful off-road trip is preparation. I’ve written about that many times. Understandably, the focus is on preparing your vehicle and yourself for the journey. With this article I’d like to zero in on personal items and camping gear.

Do you know how to handle breaks, tears or holes in your camping gear, clothing or bedding? It begins with the proper tools and supplies. Let’s take a look at some of the items you should pack.


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Crossing the OHV Divide with Silver Creek Bridge

Environmental responsibility is a key element of OHV recreation on state and federal lands. It is important to know that many units are working hard in a collaborative manner with various stakeholder groups to address conservation issues associated with motorized recreation so that those OHV opportunities are preserved for future generations.

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Helmet Law in California for Side X Sides

b2ap3_thumbnail_sxs-no-helmet.jpgAs owners of Recreational Off-Highway Vehicles (ROVs) get ready to hit many popular OHV riding areas in California, it is important to remember that helmets are required to be worn by the operators and passengers when traveling on public roads, trails, and areas designated for such use.

Effective January 1, 2013, the California Vehicle Code (CVC) Section 38601 requires all passengers and the operator to wear a safety helmet while operating an ROV which are also known as Side by Sides, Recreational Utility Vehicles, or Utility Terrain Vehicles.

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