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Keep Recovery Gear Accessible

Strap, Rope, Hardware

You’re in the middle of nowhere stuck in the sand. Your buddy waits patiently while you paw through your car looking for the recovery strap and gear needed to get you out of your bind.

“I know it’s in here somewhere!” you scream (along with a few choice words).

Your off-road adventure is becoming a disaster because you either didn’t pack a recovery strap, or you packed it so deeply it’ll take you a long time to find it.

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March 11, 2013 – Del & Stacie, Team Albright and AreaBFE announced today that Team Albright of Mokelumne Hill, California has signed on as an Official Landuse Ambassadors of the AreaBFE Off Road Park near Moab Utah.  Team Albright will work closely with the group that established the park in 2004 to ensure the private land remains open to all, 365 days a year. In addition to helping promote AreaBFE’s world class venue year-round, Del & Stacie plan to be on site for the annual Easter Jeep Safari.

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Eldorado NF SEIS - Water Quality, Conditional Designations, and OHV

Rock Armor on Rubicon Trail

As OHV and other access stakeholder groups prepare comments for the Eldorado SEIS, HQ wants to remind readers that water quality-based travel management decisions – particularly in high elevation alpine-like settings – are here to stay.
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Recreation groups offer guidance on Eldorado meadow routes SEIS

Public meetings today and tomorrow; comments due April 8

As OHV enthusiasts prepare public comments due April 8 for the Eldorado National Forest SEIS, long time recreation advocates have reacted to the latest development in this almost never-ending travel planning and litigation saga.

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ARRA Washington Newsletter - March 2013

In This Issue...
Personnel Changes
Johnson Valley
Forest Service Planning Rule Proposed Directives are Released
Snowmobiles in Yellowstone
Playing the Fiddle while Rome Burns

** Personnel Changes **

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