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Tom Severin

Drive Your Customers To The Edge

Drive Your Customers To The Edge!

Cero Gordo Mine Cero Gordo Mine
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Looking for a great way to get out with a customer, but you don’t golf? Why not take them four wheeling!

That’s right: Get away with a customer or prospect for some quality one-one-one time. While it requires a bit more planning than a round of golf, a trek into the back country could prove to be quite the experience.

No need to limit yourself to customers, either. Think vendors (suppliers), prospects and employees. You can use an off-road jaunt as part of a team-building exercise or as a reward for your sales staff. You and your staff could have a lot of fun with this. How many businesses let their employees go romping on the trails as a reward for a job well done?
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BlueRibbon Coalition

WYOMING - BLM to Issue Supplement to the Draft Bighorn Basin RMP

WYOMING - BLM to Issue Supplement to the Draft Bighorn Basin RMP

The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) Cody and Worland field offices will soon be providing supplemental analysis to the Bighorn Basin Draft Resource Management Plan (RMP) and Environmental Impact Statement (EIS), released in April 2011. The supplement, expected in early 2013, will include additional environmental analysis of Greater Sage-Grouse related topics. The supplement will be available for a 90-day public comment period, during which time public meetings will be held to provide opportunities for interested individuals to ask questions and provide in

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John Stewart

Donstradamus' Top Ten OHV Predictions for 2013

Please enjoy this just-for-fun annual posting from Donstradamus on his top ten OHV predictions for 2013.   As usual, these predictions spare nobody or issue
from being exposed by his crystallized ball (actually a well-used ball bearing - from an OHV - that is highly polished so as to more accurately reflect on the future of OHV).





Donstradamus' Top Ten OHV Predictions for 2013

10 - President Obama takes family to Yellowstone and tours the area on snowmobiles. The president enjoys it so much that he issues an executive order that codifies OSV use there in perpetuity.

9 - Federal land agencies official adopt “OHV recreation” as the only cost-effective management tool to eradicate non-native invasive plant species in coastal dune areas. OHV use is prescribed and rotated in both motorized and non-motorized dune areas to address encroachment of non-native vegetation into open dune areas which are prime breeding grounds for the snowy-plover. Snowy-plover populations skyrocket as a result.

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Jason Church

Alaska Comments needed.

The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) announces the release of the Ring of Fire Draft Resource Management Plan (RMP) Haines Planning Area Amendment and Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS) for a 90-day public review and comment period. The BLM will accept public comments from December 14, 2012, through March 14, 2013.

The decisions to be made through this planning effort include:


Whether to retain the Special Recreation Management Area designation;

Whether any part of the Planning Area meets the criteria for an Area of Critical Environmental Concern designation;

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Jason Church

Reprieve or Empty Token Gesture regarding Johnson Valley 29 Palms

The popular Johnson Valley Off-Highway Vehicle Riding Area in California may not (yet?) be lost to a Marine base expansion. But is this just a temporary reprieve or token gesture?

The military is barred from spending money on expanding the Twenty Nine Palms military base into Johnson Valley until it completes a report on how the expansion would affect off-highway riding, under a military spending authorization bill approved by U.S. House and Senate conferees on Dec. 18.

The non-binding report to Congress would cover the impact on OHV recreation in the Johnson Valley, along with alternatives for achieving the goals of the military and the OHV recreation communities. This report would allow for more time to come to a solution that meets the training needs of the military while maintaining access for motorized recreation. Or is it a placating stall tactic? There is nothing binding other than to complete the study. It is a study to determine if alternatives are available, not that alternatives must be found, followed or chosen by the military.

In July, the Department of the Navy released a final environmental impact statement for the expansion of the Marine base. The preferred alternative would allow public use of only 40,000 acres of the 190,000-acre Johnson Valley OHV area, and for only 10 months a year. It is an effort by the Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center at Twenty nine Palms to expand its land holdings to allow for more live-fire training. The proposed expansion needs congressional approval.

Several years ago, the Navy began the formal process to take over some 365,906 acres of public land near San Bernardino to use for live-fire training for the Marines. The Navy filed an application with the U.S. Interior Department seeking control of the public land, which is under the jurisdiction of the U.S. Bureau of Land Management. The Navy also wants priority for some 72,186 acres of non-federal land in case the federal government acquires it.
The fight to retain public land access for recreational use is far from a battle won in this case but it is a temporary reprieve.
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