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John Stewart

Steering - bump steer after a lift

The 4x4Wire JK recently underwent a slight transformation - from stock to gears, lockers, and lift. That change included new (larger) tires. But, that change did not include replacing the steering damper. Extended road driving pointed out the need to upgrade the steering damper in order to reduce vibration caused by the larger tires on certain sections of road.

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John Stewart

Steering update

After driving around with the "heavy-duty" damper (or stabilizer), it is slightly better than stock. However, road sections with... Read More
Saturday, 10 November 2012 18:44
John Stewart

Steering update

After completing about a 1000 mile trip on California freeways and secondary roads in varying degrees of disrepair, I find the hea... Read More
Monday, 19 November 2012 00:10
John Stewart

Synergy Suspension Jeep JK Hig...

The Synergy Suspension (http://synergysuspension.com) Jeep JK steering correction kit is now installed. The kit does provide a si... Read More
Thursday, 29 November 2012 22:30
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John Stewart

Looking out the rear view mirror

b2ap3_thumbnail_yj-mirror.jpgThe Jeep is 1994 vintage and does show signs of many a mile.  While '94 is young for a Jeep, there are many things that do wear.  One such item has become an annoyance and needed attention - rear view mirrors.  The stock Jeep mirrors are on swivel ball joints.  Over time, these have loosened to the point they do not stay in position.

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