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Hi-Lift® Jack Company Introduces New and Improved OFF-ROAD BASE

The Hi-Lift® Off-Road Base is one of the best-selling Hi-Lift Jack accessories on the market. It was designed to alleviate jack sinkage on soft surfaces, and can be used with all models of Hi-Lift® jacks. Some recent design changes make the Off-Road base even better suited for use in both soft and now hard surfaces and allows for easier storage along with your Hi-Lift® jack.

The newly designed Off-Road Base has serrated teeth along one complete side of the Base. These teeth allow the user to scrape at hard dirt or gravel, to make a clear flat spot for the Off-Road Base to sit while being used in the lifting process. A clear flat area gives the Off-Road Base a better “footing” during the lifting process.

The newly designed Off-Road Base also has a hole drilled through the center, which allows the user to attach the Base to the Hi-Lift® jack bar for storage when not in use. Using a 5/16” x 4” bolt and wing-nut (not provided), the Off-Road Base is easily attached to the Hi-Lift® jack for easy access when needed, and convenient storage when not.

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