Written by Sue Trubovitz on . Posted in Clean Up, Conservation, and Restoration Projects.

Clean up at Giant Rock with great people

We had never been to Giant Rock before and super glad to have made the effort to go! This was the annual clean-up event the community of Landers hosts off Highway 247 and Linn Road, in the southern California Mojave Desert.

The people at this event were filled with enthusiasm!  One woman was celebrating her birthday with friends.  A grandfather, with his granddaughter and great-granddaughter, were spending the day taking part. So many children, we could not count them all. From the off-road group from Huntington Beach, to the local 16 year young man who road up in full gear to ask "What is this?"  The people here really care. This particular young man was concerned with the local dumping in the wash down the butte from where he lived.

"I watch them at night pull up and unload trash." He asked "What can I do?"  It was fantastic to hear and see people wanting to make a difference!

This clean up project was a good 125 people on quads, bikes, in jeeps, trucks, vans and cars. There was a BBQ lunch donated by a local restaurant and a raffle in which everyone who participated received a ticket.

The real story here is this community clean up started with two people. Dan and Becky, a couple who have a local retreat there, saw the trash taking over and decided one day to go out and "pack out some trash". Their friends joined in that first year and the effort has since grown into an annual event, even the local newspaper gets involved to advertise the community project. The restaurant donates lunch ever year and the local landfill does not charge for the dump that's needed after all the trash is collected.

We are happy to share this story. A shinning example of what people can do! When we, as individuals, come together, we form a much larger group. We make an impact together!

Thanks Giant Rock, you've got great people!

See you next time! Enjoying the adventure,

Please go to "Friends of Giant Rock" for more on this unique landmark in the southern California Mojave Desert.