Written by John Stewart on . Posted in Maintenance Hints, Tips and Tricks.

Cheap Trick: Improved stopping power

With over-sized tires and lower gearing on your off-road vehicle comes a downside.  While off-road performance is improved, stopping ability is diminished.  You can always swap master cylinders or add other after market products to improve braking performance.  Those options do come with disadvantages, namely cost and ability to find ready repair parts.

My desire has been to retain my jeep as close as possible to stock to ensure that I can always find the necessary repair parts without excessive time delays.  My jeep in many respects is far from stock as it does sit on 35-inch tires.  With the shift to bigger tires, stopping ability was a noted downside.

Not ready for the expense of a Vanco brake up-grade, I opted to start with new brake pads by installing the ones used by racers: EBC Brakes.

The EBC brake pads are ceramic/kevlar fiber material and a direct replacement for the stock brake pads.  EBC provides brake pads that will fit a wide range of applications.  For my Wrangler, I opted for the Series 4000 (Yellow Stuff) pads as they are advertised as being the “...most grippy pad formulation”.  While designed for closed circuit racing, the pads can be used on highway.

After about 500 miles of use, I can say that stopping ability has been improved and the cost was reasonable.