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  3. Thursday, 05 July 2018

Why do we care so much about OHV access? Some of my best moments have come from long trail rides to secluded areas impossible to reach by anything other than OHV. I want to preserve that right, the opportunity for my four children and their children, and their children to enjoy the greatness of this country. All of us (recreationists, miners, energy, conservationists, etc.) have a vested interest in keeping our trails open to the public while preserving the integrity of our national and state lands. We are working aggressively to include families, veterans and the disabled initiatives. We have an unparalleled vision of how we can work to make BRC your partner and first line of defense for land use access, but we need your help (DONATE).

Your support is crucial. As an organization, Sharetrails.org/BlueRibbon Coalition (ST/BRC) continues to fight against bias from anti-access groups through successful litigation efforts (including the Norton v. Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance 542 U.S. 55 [2004] http://archive.sharetrails.org/node/12184) Even with our limited budget we have accomplished a lot over the past year but want to do more- much more. Both large and small, the impacts we have had—and continue to have—are significant and lasting. We can’t let the will of the few overpower the rights of the many.

Sharetrails.org/BRC is a grassroots driven, national organization that represents individuals and groups across the nation (and want to expand that reach to more and more groups in industry, clubs and non-profits, and individuals), giving them a voice in how their recreational areas are managed. Together, we are a coalition of recreational enthusiasts who recognize that, by working together we can make a difference. That is what the ST/BRC is all about. Join with us and support our efforts to enhance our effectiveness with your input and donation today. My goals are to double our budget for legal and policy while expanding our membership three times. We want this to be our best year yet! (DONATE)

You can help me make our efforts to be even more effective in the future than they have been in the past. Please join with me in supporting Sharetrails.org/BRC.

Let’s get a dialogue going on how we can work together to reach our goals! We URGENTLY need your support to continue to fight, please be generous with your support and reach out to your friends for help!

Spencer Gilbert
Executive Director
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
208-237-1008 Ext 1

P.S. What we do!
2005 - Back Country Horsemen of America lawsuit in Colorado decided in favor of BCHA
2005 – Recreational Trails Program creates matching federal funds for recreational trail construction and maintenance.
2006 - H.R. 233, a comprehensive bipartisan land bill codified existing OHV use as a “prescribed use” instead of an “allowed use” on federal lands in Northwest California. National precedent set
2011 - Eldorado Forest Travel Management Plan favorable to OHV interests
2013 - Snow machine access to Yellowstone preserved
2014 - FS R1 RWA Settlement favorable to OHV interests
2015 - Trail 38 Wyoming reopened
2016 - ISDRA/Glamis victory
And more… all day long, every day!

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