Wednesday, 04 December 2019
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Many groups have discussed or been involved in efforts to generate a "marketing" campaign.  From that perspective, you need to address two market segments: traditional partners and non-traditional partners. A marketing campaign - means to move forward (Part 1), the “traditional” partners were covered.

A marketing campaign - means to move forward (Part 2), covers the concept of "non-traditional" partners as potential supporting business membership. Non-traditional partners is a more difficult segment to identify.

For a definition of "traditional partner", included are the manufactures and suppliers of the aftermarket products purchased for use with motorized vehicles, including tow rigs (trucks/RVs) and trailers as well as the 4x4 vehicles driven on the trail. In other words, if a product is used as direct support for recreation activity on the trail, it is a traditional partner.

The definition of "non-traditional partner" does expand upon the direct use to a broader scope. Where the traditional partner would provide the essential elements for motorized recreation, the non-traditional partner would provide that rest of what is used during participation in a motorized recreation activity.

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