After running some challenging four wheel drive trails, I found the anti-sway bar bushings were split and badly in need of replacement. It's no surprise really, since I never disconnect the bar while off-roading. Unlike the earlier models, the 2001 and later Tacomas have very short endlinks, so they don't offer much of an opportunity for fabricating a quick disconnect. That's fine with me, because during my attempts to measure the difference between connected and disconnected, I've never found enough of a difference to worry about. In other words, I could still reach the limits of travel with the bar connected. I have yet to test the flex with the new urethane bushings. If the suspension doesn't flex as well, I'll be visiting the dealer for a new set of rubber bushings. In the meantime, here's the info on the urethane ones!

Split Bushing - as I found it... ...and off the vehicle.

From the manufacturer's product listing, it appears that two sizes of bars were offered for the 1995 1/2 to 2000 Tacoma, a 26 and 27 mm diameter. The difference between those two sizes is roughly half the diameter of a toothpick, so you'll need a caliper or other fairly precise tool to measure your bar. I used the Energy Suspension 27mm kit, part number 8.5118G. It included bushings and washers for the endlinks, which are not needed for the 2001 and later models.

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