Cook has responded by releasing the draft legislation which would ensure that OHV recreation, and its resultant economic benefits, is protected in this important area.  This draft legislation also ensures that the Marines have the necessary capabilities and access to perform training activities crucial to their mission, by allowing the Marines to access portions of the area for up to 42 days per year for training, provided non-dud-producing rounds are used.  This is truly a win-win proposal.

A hearing has been scheduled on the draft legislation for Friday, April 26 in the House Natural Resources Committee, Subcommittee on Public Lands and Environmental Regulation.  ARRA will follow up with you soon to provide an opportunity to weigh in with Subcommittee Members, as well to provide an opportunity to thank Representative Cook for being a champion for access

Visit Representative Cook's website for more information.

The hearing notice can be viewed at the House Resources Committee Subcommittee on Public Lands website.

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