HARRISBURG, Pa., July 8 -- The Department of Conservation and Natural Resources has developed guidelines and a demonstration campsite that can help campers reduce their impact on the environment, Bureau of State Parks Director John Norbeck said today.

"Normally we think of tent camping as a fairly natural activity, but there are things that campers can do differently to limit the impact they have on their outdoor surroundings," Norbeck said. "Using a 'green' approach to camping is not only good for the environment; it also can reduce your costs and make camping more enjoyable."

The demonstration "green" campsite is being set up at state parks across the state this summer as a weekend program for visitors. It features a tent and sleeping bag made from recycled materials; fuel efficient cooking stove; an LED flashlight; solar charger and reusable batteries; reusable cook set; solar camp shower; non-toxic bug repellant; bear-proof food container; a clothes line; and reusable marshmallow sticks.

Park staff will also provide outdoor recreational, amphitheater, and family and children's programs that tie in with the "green" theme.

"We hope that after seeing the demonstration, visitors to our campgrounds will practice at least one of the techniques during their stay and share their experience with others," Norbeck said.

Some tips for green camping include:

The demonstration locations for the rest of the summer are:

For more information about Pennsylvania's 117 state parks, visit the DCNR Web site at www.dcnr.state.pa.us.

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SOURCE Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources