Other grab handles are offered in any color you want as long as it is black.  And, other grab handles have a hard rubber handle.  The Surprise Straps Grab Handles are made using only 100% Nylon, American made #550 Paracord from the same Manufacturers that supply the US Military.  And, they provide a variety of color combinations to suit individual tastes or match vehicle color.  As my Jeep is red with black interior, I opted for the red Paracord over black nylon straps. 

The Paracord is braided to cover the nylon webbing to make a soft hand hold.  And, the construction design allows the Paracord to be removed and used in a survival situation if needed.  The Front roll bar set attaches to the windshield and the roll bar with the simple removal of a 13 mm bolt. inserting it into a metal grommet in the nylon strap and re-inserting the bolt.  Also offered are a Headrest set, Rear set, Center soundbar strap and a matching Key Fob.  Installation is simple and quick.

Definitely worth checking the strap offerings from Surprise Straps

Surprise Straps
Surprise, AZ

Surprise Straps - Single Loop Surprise Straps - Double Loop