Inauguration Day 2017 for Off-roaders

Today January 20th, 2017, Inauguration Day marks a new era for us off-roading/four wheeling types.  But please allow me a slight caveat. 

While we may celebrate for our guns, our freedoms and our trails, DO NOT think the battles are over.  First off, the new Administration will be pretty darn busy with a TON of issues that need fixing.  Our trail closures and losses, I'm sorry to say, won't be fixed in the first 100 days or the first year.

Secondly, those who do NOT like us will be on a rampage with new lawsuits, complaints and snivels to try and keep THEIR dues-paying membership happy.  And they will want to fight back at what they perceive as losses headed their way for wacko radical environmentalism.

So WHAT DO YOU DO?  Stay the course; Stay in the fight; and stay with your passion and your dues in the large state, regional and national land use groups, starting with the outfit I work for full time, BlueRibbon Coalition.

Everyone in the land use, big org groups will be reaching out to help the new Administration (when the time is right) fix our trail issues.  Stay with us; or join back up.  JOIN, DONATE and VOLUNTEER.