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The OutdoorWire family websites feature news and information affecting outdoor recreation opportunities and access to public lands. 

OutdoorWire - Introduction

The OutdoorWire, Inc (MUIRNet Consulting) is a collection of multimedia Internet publications covering all responsible trail and family oriented off-highway and outdoor recreational activities, both motorized and non-motorized, from an enthusiasts point of view.

The OutdoorWire, Inc family of publications include:

4x4Wire Portal -
MUIRNet-News - Environmental News -
4x4Voice -
TrailTalk Forums -
Access and Landuse Central: http://www/

Managing Editor of the OutdoorWire family of internet publications is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.; also a Natural Resources Consultant for the California 4 Wheel Drive Association and Board of Directors of the BlueRibbon Coalition.

All OutdoorWire sites receive frequent news updates of interest to the recreation community covering a variety of environmental, conservation, legislative, political, and automotive topics.

See 4x4Wire Portal for technical news and information for about 4x4 recreation.  Articles range from technical articles covering all 4x4 vehicles to general interest articles about places to go, things to see, and what is happening in the motorized recreation industry.

See MUIRNet-News for detailed information about about environment and access issues affecting your recreation opportunities.

See 4x4Voice for detailed information about about access issues and how you can become involved in protecting your recreation opportunities.

See Trail Talk Forums for a variety of 4x4 vehicle specific and general interest forums to share information about your experiences and ask questions from others about 4x4 recreation and 4x4 vehicle issues.

OutdoorWire is a master index and host of Access and Landuse Central providing a repository for topics of interest for the recreation advocate.

The OutdoorWire will endeavor to be a valuable information resource, providing our readership with high quality, honest and factual material; and shall endeavor to do so in a timely and open manner.

We will emphasize, advocate, and strive to propagate, responsible multiple use and conservation and not advocate or support an "our use is better than your use" position.

The 4x4Wire will provide all of its staff and contributors an involved environment, where they can participate as respected and valued members of a team, and make their contributions to the best of their ability in a corporate environment that is free from ridicule and harassment.

We shall listen to, and respect, the genuine and honest opinions and concerns of our readership, our staff, and our advertisers. This does not mean that we will agree with them, simply that they deserve respect and consideration.

We will strive to ensure that we act responsibly in regard to our published materials, words, and public actions.

We will endeavor to provide a communication forum for our readership community, for meaningful discourse on related subjects and which are as free as possible from extraneous and derogatory dialogue.

We shall provide a meaningful and valuable service to our advertisers and we will respect, and attempt in every reasonable way to meet, their commercial needs within the bounds of our policies.

In pursuit of the highest standards of editorial integrity, we will strive to produce honest and factual reviews, evaluations and articles, and we will endeavor to ensure that published material is as free as is humanly possible from favoritism or subjective personal bias.

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