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PROPOSITION 1, THE 2014 WATER BOND: Another failure in the making?

Proposition 1 provides over $4 billion in funding for Sustainable Water Solutions efforts.  These funds would help ensure clean, safe drinking water is available to communities facing potential water shortages. Bond funds would restore watersheds throughout the state to help replenish groundwater levels, protect fish and wildlife, and improve water quality in California’s rivers, lakes and streams. The bond would also fund sustainable local water supplies, including water reuse and storm water capture. 

While these are important investments, which would help combat drought, protect natural areas, promote social equity, and reduce climate change impacts; one has to question the viability of these projects given previous history of failed infrastructure projects funded in previous water bond.

Proposition 1 devotes $2.7 billion (almost one-third of its total) as potential funding of several surface storage projects, including two large dams in the Central Valley. Thus, the bond threatens to take California in the wrong direction to meet its water needs in sound, financially responsible and environmentally beneficial ways. 

While the altruistic project appear to "benefit" the state, the price tag is steep - $7.5 BILLION.  This debt, on top of continued funding crisis in the state, begs the question of "Why spend more?"

Previous water bonds have promised clean, safe drinking water.  Previous water bonds have promised to protect fish and wildlife and improve the water quality of California's rivers, lakes and streams.

And now, Proposition 1 seeks to build on failed projects and promises of the past.

Join me and vote NO on Proposition 1...


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