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97 4Runner too Old to Keep?
by brink - 06/03/20 06:10 PM
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by rascott - 06/02/20 05:25 PM
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'95 Montero 3.5L Coil Blowing
by Rick1013 - 05/28/20 12:45 AM
2003 montero sport worth it?
by MarkG - 05/27/20 05:07 PM
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Hankook or Nitto?
by Jx4x4 - 06/02/20 04:14 AM
Which Tacoma to Buy? Need Help!
by brink - 06/01/20 09:54 PM
1989 Isuzu Trooper Blower Motor Not working
by asleiman - 05/31/20 12:56 PM
'95 Montero 3.5L Coil Blowing
by Rick1013 - 05/28/20 12:45 AM
Looking for 2nd row seats in my 1989 Mitsubishi Pa
by tiscud75 - 05/26/20 06:06 PM
2003 montero sport worth it?
by BC4x4 - 05/23/20 11:34 PM
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Toyota 4Runner, FJ Cruiser & SUV Jump to new posts
Re: 97 4Runner too Old to Keep? brink 06/03/20 06:10 PM
A HELLISH update: Last July took the 4runner with 199k miles from NJ to Vermont for two weeks towing a small boat. Ran fine the whole time except when on the way home. It was hot 100 degree day, traveling on Rt 87. Made it to Kingston NY and took an exit for a pit stop. Wife stayed in 4runner with it idling and AC on. I was in a store and after 5 minutes she came running in with my keys saying the 4runner had smoke coming out from under it's hood. My stomach sank to the floor. I came out ,saw antifreeze under it, opened hood and saw no sign of a leak just steam. Turned ignition on and temp gauge was normal. Thought the overflow blew out some stuff. So we went to eat dinner, let it cool, when to an auto store to buy premixed antifreeze. As I added a half gallon to the radiator, iI notice a small amount of antifreeze leaking below the filler neck. Thought I spilled some.
We took off, and all was good for a few miles on RT87 and then it died. Every indicator light came on. Stuck in the shoulder on RT 87, boat in tow, 100ft from an exit to a service area. and its 100 degrees out. After many phone calls, the thruway tow company appears with two flat beds. I protested and said one could tow both 4runner and boat, which they did. After the 4runner is on the flatbed I notice gobs of grease on the flat bed. We got towed to the nearest exit to get us off the thruway, and were dropped at a Best Western parking lot along a side wall.. We waited a few hours there for the second tow company. Getting dark. The second tow company shows, proceeds to get 4runner on flat bed. Guy calls me over as he's taking photos with his phone of the front end. He shows me that the first tow company had it incorrectly J hooked and tore both CV boots. Hence the grease I saw earlier. I took photos too.

$1,700.00 later, we were home at midnight. Turns out the seven year old radiator ( I did not know they had a short lifespan) I had replaced when the original blew out, split along the front where the plastic tank meets aluminum. I was very concerned that the overheating damaged the motor, trans, etc. But I took a gamble and after a few days of work, new stat, radiator, hoses, it started right up like nothing happened. Then I installed new CV joints that I managed to get the first tow company pay for the parts. Photos came in handy. I has been running fine until a brake line blew in November. It now has 206k miles since then. Of course now there is a leak at the top of the CAT. Always something.

I learned my lesson and I hope my experience helps anyone else out there who may think about taking a long trip with an older vehicle with high mileage and after market parts that are unknowingly cheap. Now when I take it to work or anyplace within my AAA insurance circle, I think about that it has the original fuel pump, ball joints, master cylinder, on its way for a second timing belt, potential CAT if the muffler cement doesn't hold up and keep wondering it its really worth it to keep.
I hate the thought of throwing money into it for one thing, lets say a new CAT and knowing the others can potentially go anytime. The exterior is holding up some rust spots on hood, and both bumpers have small rust holes. Interior is perfect. There are times I wish it would just blow the trans or motor so I would have no choice. And then there are times I believe I have the toughest vehicle ever made. Anyone else go through this kind of thinking?

BTW: If you are ever stuck on a Thruway push your vehicle off it and save $300 for a one mile tow charge.
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Isuzu 4x4 & SUV Talk Jump to new posts
Re: 1989 Isuzu Trooper Blower Motor Not working rascott 06/02/20 05:25 PM
hope you have found that fuse- it sounds big enough to mabe be powering other circuits also?
i have a similar year japanese, and had removed a/c from it. in doing so, i removed a resistor pack that controlled blower speeds.
took me a while to figure that out.
yours probably has same style circuit- perhaps another thing to be looking for, as you trace things......
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General 4x4 Discussion Jump to new posts
Hankook or Nitto? Jx4x4 06/02/20 04:14 AM
Hi! I'm looking to buy good tires for occasional offroading. Anyone here who has tried Nitto terra grapplers and Hankook tires? I'm undecided about which one to get. I have seen both tires on sale at amazon and 4wheelonline. However, I'd like to get your feedback on these tires. Is it true that the Nitto only has 16 for its smallest rim size? Hankook is cheaper but I'm unsure if it's good for light offroading.
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Tacoma Forum Jump to new posts
Which Tacoma to Buy? Need Help! brink 06/01/20 09:54 PM
Hello All,
Thank you in advance for any information you can provide. I own a 97 4runner that is good for local driving. With 206k miles I don't trust it for long hauls towing a small boat from New Jersey to Vermont and back. I have a 2000 Ford Ranger 4x4 that is rusting out from under me with 100k miles. Since I am convinced Toyota is a better vehicle based on my experience with my 4runner, I am looking at getting a Tacoma to replace the Ranger.
I'd like to get a newer Tacoma in the range of 2015 to possibly a 2020. The prices freak me out, literally make me sick. Sticker shock to say the least.
My question is which year Tacoma's do I need to avoid? I recall reading reviews that some people didn't like the way the transmission shifted on certain years. Also is the 4cylinder engine powerful enough to two a small boat a few times a year, with truck packed with luggage and gear? Anyone out there have the 4 cylinder and do with it what I plan? I like the idea of saving gas when not towing. The truck would be empty and not towing 80% of the time. Or should I forget the 4 cylinder?
I see used private tacomas and for the price they ask with high mileage, it almost makes sense to buy from a dealer ( I hate the thought) in that at least they offer a warranty of some sort on used ones. And then there is new which cost a fortune, with the 4 cylinder the least cost.
Looking forward to any advice from the experts here.
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Mitsubishi 4x4 and SUV Tech Jump to new posts
Re: Looking for 2nd row seats in my 1989 Mitsubishi Pa Brookyntero 05/29/20 02:09 PM
Sent you a PM
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4x4 Gallery Jump to new posts
Photos of rig MarkG 05/28/20 02:59 AM
A picture of an ARB winch bullbar on a 2dr.
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Mitsubishi 4x4 and SUV Tech Jump to new posts
'95 Montero 3.5L Coil Blowing Rick1013 05/28/20 12:45 AM
I've got a '95 Montero LS, 3.6L. The bearing on the water pump went out, which locked up the timing and shredded the belt. Over the months since, I had the head done, water pump replaced, new belts and all the stuff necessary to get it running again.

My mechanic who was doing the work called me a couple of days ago and said that it was close to being finished. Yesterday, it ran but fouled the spark plugs. He replaced the plugs and a coil for the 1 and 3 cylinders (which he said had blown), and when started this afternoon it still ran like crap because it blew the new coil and was running on 4 cylinders.

He tells me that no one in their shop can figure out why it's blowing the coil and that they're stumped and have stopped working on my Montero.

WTH! I need that vehicle back on the road! Can anyone help with ideas on why the coil for cylinders 1 and 3 is blowing?

Thanks in advance!
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Mitsubishi 4x4 and SUV Tech Jump to new posts
Re: 2003 montero sport worth it? MarkG 05/27/20 05:07 PM
You will find more info on Montero Sports at https://msport97.proboards.com/
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Private Party - Garage Sale Jump to new posts
Re: 1989 Mitsu Pajero/Dodge Raider for sale redpajero1989 05/24/20 12:30 AM
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Suzuki Forum Jump to new posts
Re: suzi the psychic rascott 05/22/20 07:50 PM
trying to post a pic- rear shock mount mod...…
still seems fubar.
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Problems, Questions, Suggestions Jump to new posts
Re: pic posting problem..... rascott 05/21/20 02:04 AM
just update on my picpostin' problem.....
i am able to post pics on another forum.
this makes me think something may have changed here? recently.
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Private Party - Items wanted Jump to new posts
WTB Arb 3434010 Gen I bar Brookyntero 05/20/20 05:18 PM
Looking for an ARB Gen I bull bar. If it’s modded to fit the v6 even better.
Please PM with price if you have one.
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Isuzu 4x4 & SUV Tech Jump to new posts
amigo 2.6 coil jee 05/19/20 06:01 PM
There are better coil like msd/accel./mallory to put in amigo 2.6 92 to 94?
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Mitsubishi 4x4 and SUV Tech Jump to new posts
Re: Montero Compass Wiring kela 05/15/20 01:35 PM
Andries_VH Please post a how to? What did you do to get the digital compass to work in a Gen !? Thanks !!!

It won't allow me to delete double post, sorry !
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Mitsubishi 4x4 and SUV Tech Jump to new posts
Re: 87 Gen1 Rebuild in Kansas MontyMcV 05/14/20 06:18 PM
Wow, don't know when I last posted. Been a while. Looking to get back into it.

What is your wife's budget for a turbo swap? I have all the parts and then some. If you search OLD posts from early-mid 2000s you find a bunch from me. My rig from then isn't road worthy any more. I would love for my stash to go to someone who can put new life into them and another rig. LMK if you are interested.

Ride On,
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Private Party - Items wanted Jump to new posts
WTB - Montero Bouncy Seat Brookyntero 05/11/20 08:27 PM
Looking to buy 1 or 2 Montero Bouncy Seats.
I'm in 10579 will drive a few hours or pay reasonable shipping.
Also looking for a blue front seat from an RS

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