The difference between that and our 4.778 is about 0.6%, basically negligible (ie, on a 30 inch tire about 0.2 inches = not much more than "loading difference" or tire wear) There would be no handling issues associated with the front going marginally faster than the rear on dirt.

Actually, the driving distance is about 0.55" (30" x 3.1415 x .58%), or 3.9 more revoutions of the front tires per mile compared to the rear tires. Still probably reasonable on a loose packed surface. I don't think you would want to run this setup on a hard packed or paved surface, though.

01 Convertible; Electric Fan; 3" Up Your Kia lift spacers; Tj 104's; 31x10.5x15's on Centerlines; Rear LSD.
GONE, all I have left are a few spare parts and the wheels.