I've just been down and seen Robert about the suspension, Looking good so far. Explained and showed him all of our issues with the suspension design.

Explained and showed the clearance issues to the CV boot and the general unsuitability of using the original "saddle" unless we can get some more offset outboard to the whole lower mount to clear boot, possibility of new lower wishbone to place the lower mount further out (may ask about a new upper for clearance or may need to be done anyway). .

Looked at rear and decided that new mounts angled back would be the best option. Should have enough clearance to lower mount to use as is.

Might see if they can do a Panhard drop bracket too.

All in all a positive experience from someone enthusiastic about the possibilities.


Needing a bit of input here.

We look like having about 4" of extra travel over standard. How do we want to "spend" the extra travel? My gut instinct is to go the 2" or so lift and have the remainder as extra droop, ie position the neutral point at about 50% of shock travel.

Remembering that height isn't everything (I am looking for serious and usable travel more than poser/idiot height). At that point with the new setup the vehicle will only sit about 2" higher but will be able to drop a tire into a deeper rut (+2" one side -2" other side). We currently have 10" travel with the stock shocker, increasing to an estimated total travel about 14" (with the ability to use that part of the suspension "tuck" currently denied by spacers or droop denied due to shock length)

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