HI Gary,

Thanks for going down and showing Robert.

I like this "the 2" or so lift and have the remainder as extra droop, ie position the neutral point at about 50% of shock travel." but would it be possible for around 75 mm lift if not at least 50mm as a minimum.

You are in a better position than me in regards to this as you are already running lift.

I am only looking at 235 or 9R max because of the gearing issue and still want to tow my camper reasonably easy with it. Would 50mm be enough or do we go for the higher 75 mm. The drop that ADS got out of his in the end was phenominal. It would be really good to also maximise the front travel to fully useable.

As I will mostly likely be the guinea pig for this I want to get it right the first time. Along with most of our OS brothers are wanting to the higher lift. If this is doable and works well would everyone be happy with 75mm,With good safe road manners?

Definately want to look at the panhard either drop bracket or adjustable too.

Cheers Chris

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