Going overboard with lift is pointless because the lowest point of the vehicle is ALWAYS going to be the rear diff pumpkin. Too high and you end up with driveline issues (longbody)

I am looking at the 2" lift with extra droop as the lowest setting, you can dial in more if you want but with our NCOP rules we need to be able to show them 2" (after that, fare game...). These shocks have a threaded outer sleeve for the lower spring base so all will be covered.

How heavy is the camper? I've towed a 2+ tonne 12' x 6' x 7' furniture trailer 2700 km with no issues (110km/h in the cool of the day) on 31's. Anything up to a 1 - 1.5 tonne in a reasonable low profile should be OK (care with shorties, they are not rated to tow anywhere as much.)

I could well be the guinea pig for the bits over the next 2 months as they may end up having my vehicle for a couple of weeks to work on. (Possible new job in a few weeks FIFO to a mine.)

2002 Sporty , Ironman 2.5" spring, 2" body, 15 x 7 ROH wheels, K&N, 15 x 10.5 Simex Centipedes, Powerchip 91.

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