In Australia we have to be able to demonstrate 2" of lift. This will be the minimum you can dial in. You will be able to dial in more. A lot is going to be dictated by forces outside our control, ie shock travel (about 5" for the shortest or 6.7" for the longest strut), our pivot point on the lower arm, total shock assy length, and clearance to the driveshaft.

In all likelihood we are only going to gain a bit more droop due to the known "4" over normal" we can get now, but we will gain the uptravel we have lost due to spacers. So rather than having the (old shock length limited) 10" travel range somewhere in the total 14" travel available, we will have full use of the 14" of travel. Where you position you static resting height will be a matter for you to decide, but 40% compression/60%droop sounds about right to me, Going too far off the scale will end up with you continually lifting a wheel as one side totally runs out of travel before the other.

The "I want's" are going to have to give way to the realities and practicalities. Aim will be to get as much or all of the known 14" of travel we can get. How much lift over the new "normal" will be dictated by the spring rate, or how much travel you are prepared to lose by adjusting the height of the collar with the springs you have.

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