That sux! Anyone else notice the problems seem to happen at the lights. Those darn lights always seem to kill our motors. Joking aside, Timing belt has a give away sign. When it turns over, the cranking sounds higher pitched than normal... that's cause you no longer have compression and your crank is able to spin faster. If you hear this, then it's a pretty good sign of a timing belt. What's your mileage on that timing belt? Wanna say they're due like 70k? My OE lasted till 99,9xx miles. (so close, lol) Heres a tip if that's it btw.. you can disable your clutch start switch under the dash by jumping the prongs and that will allow you to move your car around in a parking lot using your starter. This is handy for slick icey/snowy parking lots where you have trouble pushing it. I've left mine disabled since my timing belt snapped years ago. It's also Nice cause I can start it without sitting in the car. anyway, is the cranking sound obviously different?