Bravo. Glad to see a speedy recovery / rebound! Ya know!! I have owned more than a sportage and therefore been to other forums than the wire.. This forum makes it a hassle to located desired information.. You have to dig for it. I've seen Forums where they catagorize the articles. For example: engine, trans, 4WD, mods, tuning and performance, cosmetic, electrical, for sale, wanted, view all.. and then in each sub catagory there's stickies to common questions pertaining to it.. like for instance under 'engine' you'd have a timing belt walkthrough, and spark plug walkthough, like we do have, yes i know. but this forum is a little sloppy I don't blame damkia. I think it is simply forum's platform that isn't designed for our traffic flow and demand anymore. We need an upgrade and/or overhaul to this site.
Edit: I just went back through the pictures and saw you have the electric fan conversion.. [sarcasm] that must have sucked to not have to remove the OE fan huh?[/sarcasm] lol

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