[color:"green"]ADVANCE, OE, OR RETARD CAM TIMING.[/color]
You really don't need a timing light to set timing belt as timing is monitored by the exhaust cam sensor. I once tried to advance both intake and exhaust 1 tooth and And I wouldn't even mess with changing exhaust timing at all. found this out the "easy" way, lol. Ran like crap. So I set the exhaust back to OE and set the intake 1 tooth advanced as I did the prior attempt. I ran it that way for a few years untill a few months ago. Felt better low end a little. Then I tried the intake cam one tooth BEHIND and it seems to loose the low end a bit but then wakes up in the higher rpms a little. But neither has really made a big difference. I think OE or 1 tooth advance if you want more torque.. especially if you own an automatic, don't bother advancing the intake cam because you'll never get the benefit of increased HP in the high RPMS as the transmission shifts before you get there. Friend's sportage is auto. I'd suggest the 1 tooth advanced method for auto's as they tend to stay in the low rpms and that's where the torque increased by doing this.
If we had adjustable cam gears, then I might tinker with my exhaust cam timing to attempt to advance my ignition timing a little, but a tooth advanced is too much. I think a little advance of the ignition timing would be a bigger trade off the the advanced exhaust cam. I could be totally off on this though, lol.