The "Right Stuff" brand rtv is AMAZING! I work in a shop and that's what we've used for years. It seals diff pans (as long as you clean and dry all oil). They also make an 'easy cheese' style can of it that is oil resistant so it will stick even to slightly oily surfaces. I prefer to just use the tstat gaskets on my Killa so i'm not scraping and cleaning and then re rtv'ing the housing. It's faster that way and if you have shopped online the gasket is only a couple bucks if you find the right place. Rockauto had a sale goin on sportage parts and I bought a spare tstat gasket for like 79 cents. btw, I've grown tired of the coolant housing through the timing cover bit so I ended up cutting my upper half of the cover. This way I can check my intake/exhaust cam gears timing in relation to the crank pulley timing mark without opening up the cooling system. Saves ALOT of time if that's all you wanted to do. If you want to replace the timing belt, unfortunately you still must pull the stat housing. Oh and to add, I keep my top cover (not shown in pic) on. Otherwise you're asking for stuff to fall into your timing belt area and make a mess of your belt [Linked Image]

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