Also Mazda derived. Same FE motor as us

MAZDA 929 3gen

Or the 2.5 liter

Engine manufacturer:
Kia K5 (variant of Rover KV6)

Engine type:
spark-ignition 4-stroke

Fuel type:
petrol (gasoline)

Fuel system:
indirect injection

Charge system:
naturally aspirated

Valves per cylinder:

Valves timing:

Additional features:
Multi-point fuel injection

Noting that this is not the 2.5 liter Mazda motor AFAIK

DOHC Mazda 2.5

2002 Sporty , Ironman 2.5" spring, 2" body, 15 x 7 ROH wheels, K&N, 15 x 10.5 Simex Centipedes, Powerchip 91.

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