There is a Sportage on youtube with a Chevy 454, it all depends on how much money and/or how much work your willing to do on what engine swap you want to do. Almost any swap is posible but is it worth it?
A few question you need to find out.
1. Will it bolt up to your trans? NO.
2. Can you use the 2.7 trans? No, it's in there sideways.
3. Is there a rear wheel drive Mitubishi trans and t-case that bolts up to the 2.7? Maybe.
4. Is the front output on the right side for the Kia front axle? Maybe.
Do some research and decide if it's worth it to you, if I was going to all the trouble on an engine swap I would do a 302 Ford, if they fit in a Miata I could get one to fit in a Sporty, all it takes it money.


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