Hello to all. a few months back i posted a message that surprisingly, trackfinder are back to work-and producing diff locks (automatic kind) for the sporty. no one even bothered to comment or post a reply.

well-as it turns out-they didnt bother to comment either. emails were not responded etc. so, frustrated, i went to an institute that specialises in trading with korea (hyundai is a top selling brand here-so is samsung ) and asked for help (im a journalist, its useful) and a few days later they got on the phone with a korean speaking translator (hey-this isnt the USA- we dont have many koreans over here). as it turns out after a long conversation which was translated from korean to english to hebrew (hey-im saving you the hebrew part)-Trackfinder went bankrupt and was purchased-and still has some unpurchased lockers. the price is equivalent to 600$ for a rear 28 spline locker and 700$ for front.

As usual-shipment is the real problem here-but there is a solution- an easy one- I have a friend who works for hyundai and travels to korea every 2 months. and this is the good part- he called me a short time ago -
he just bought 4 diff locks and will bring them here in 1 month. (why four? because that is all he can fit in his suitcase)

I realy dont want to jinks it- and i really hope that this is for real - i am eagerly waiting for my locker to arrive. i will keep you posted.

2001 sporty. 4 inch lift+ body lift-front lovlells coils+extended forks. reat tj. monroe shocks. full skid plate, auxilary fan. external oil cooler. maxxis 8060 235/75 R15 tires on american racing wheels. trackfinder rear diff lock.