first of all- the trackfinder site is easy to find- but they dont reply to emails- simply call the number.

second - got some bad news- like i said- my diff lock has arrived yesterday- and i was like a kid on chrismas morning (hope im right about the expression....u know, israel...we have different hollidays and the food aint that good), so i took a day off- got my package from customs (looks great!!! didnt come with instructions though. lucky i have a friend who kept his instructions from when he bought his in korea in 2002) and headed straight to my local kia mechanic, who took my diff apart....and told me that im f$#%ed. the reason is that over here the sporty was only sold with a limited slip diff - and the diff casing is different than a usual open diff- and therfore the diff lock can not be installed. the solution - as already carried out- will be to order one from korea (all the sportys at breaker yards are with LSD) - which will take 1 month. so i did it. p"s-trackfinder do offer to send the difflock with the casing- cause they dont count on the garage to allign the diff lock properly. its an extra 100$. should have done that.

anyways- i have the diff lock but im waiting for the parts to come from korea. what a shame....will keep u posted.

2001 sporty. 4 inch lift+ body lift-front lovlells coils+extended forks. reat tj. monroe shocks. full skid plate, auxilary fan. external oil cooler. maxxis 8060 235/75 R15 tires on american racing wheels. trackfinder rear diff lock.