Do you think the company providing the parts for your locker might be able to convert parts over for a Kia Sorento? I've got the factory limited slip on the Kia 10 bolt axle, 34 spline axles vs your guy's 26 spline (I don't know the diameter...)

I've run into a lot of brick walls in trying to research my rear end. One of the best summaries comes from this website, which lists all the Eaton LSD's and provides a little technical data:

Could anyone point me in a direction to continue my research? I don't want to bother you guys with a billion questions.

2005 Kia Sorento LX - 3.5L with 5 speed manual
2" Daystar spring spacer lift - 265/75R16 BFG's fitted
Custom front bumper with hitch mount, sliders, engine skid.