After 2 months of waiting- THE SPORTAGE HAS A LOCKING DIFF!!! not a limited slip, not a welded diff- a real locking diff.

took it offroad this morning after the install - its amazing. like a different car altogether. i didnt have anyone to make a video - but i will do it ASAP and i will post it on youtube.

here is a link to a photo gallery from this morning- starting with arriving to the garage (an important step-wouldnt you agree?) - taking the rear diff apart- taking the driveshafts out - then taking out the limited slip diff- and putting in a new case (and cleaning the whole diff)- with a TRACKFINDER locker (notice the difference between the case of the open diff and the LSD diff. then installing it all back in and filling up with diff oil. took 3 hours. im really sorry if the pictures are not of the best quality. but you can definately learn a lot from the process.

have fun!


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2001 sporty. 4 inch lift+ body lift-front lovlells coils+extended forks. reat tj. monroe shocks. full skid plate, auxilary fan. external oil cooler. maxxis 8060 235/75 R15 tires on american racing wheels. trackfinder rear diff lock.