here are some videos that i made today. didnt really go offroad- i simply went to a small quary where we usually hang out with the sporty. mune is the brown sporty. notice the parts where one wheel is in the air and the sporty just keeps going!!! the hills on the video may seem like a piece of cake- vbut i have tried to climb them before i had a diff lock many times- and was laughed at. a lot....

first video

second video- notice how the sporty keeps on going when the wheel is in the air

2001 sporty. 4 inch lift+ body lift-front lovlells coils+extended forks. reat tj. monroe shocks. full skid plate, auxilary fan. external oil cooler. maxxis 8060 235/75 R15 tires on american racing wheels. trackfinder rear diff lock.