Go back ASAP and make them fix it.

It looks great though! <img src="/forums/images/graemlins/kewl.gif" alt="" />

I know this is old... but just a heads up. Most shops, one I work at included, have signs up that they are not responsible for tpms sensors. Its not the techs fault that the sensors are designed poorly and seize up. I even had an argument with a customer trying to explain that I will end up breaking them cause they are seized. He kept insisting I won't. Handed him the tire valve driver and said "do it yourself". After he broke two I then proceeded with the tire work.

Your tech even made an effort trying to save them by dropping them in... I wouldnt have went that far... would have explained that they are siezed and I'm not responsible.

The average mom-pop shop tire guy makes min. wage yet is responsible for a 100$ sensor on a $15 job (since most people now bring their own tirerack.com tires). If anything ever breaks we the techs get docked from our pay (saw a coworker loose his weeks pay in 30 seconds). So if we manage to get lucky we dont get a tip, if we fail we loose that days pay, and if we refuse the job we get embarased an told were lazy or inferior mechanics in front of waiting customers.Yet tpms is one part the owners problem, dot bureaucracy, and auto maker carelessness... not some tire shop.

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