I have been fighting an electrical problem for over a month and have been left stranded at least 5 times. I can always get it push started if I'm on a hill or I get help. I have replaced the battery, alternator and the starter and after a few days the problem comes back. I have tested every relay, fuse, wire and the ignition switch. I am going to make one last attempt at the problem and if I fix it my Kia will be up for sale, if I can't fix it I'm going to part it out. I have had a good run with this Kia, buying it brand new and with almost 200,000 miles on it it doesn't owe me a dime. Even though one way or another my Kia will be gone I will alway check in here and help out when I can. I am in the market for a Jeep TJ for a mild and reliable build.


95 Sportage, gone but not forgotten.
98 Jeep TJ, 4" Zone springs with RC Long arms, Ford 8.8", 4.56 gears & Detroit locker rear, D30, 4.56 & Detroit Trutrack front.