hate too see you upset with you sporty dennis. especially after just getting done with motor rebuild.

my kia quit on highway last year. got it towed home. it would turn over,unlike yours,just wouldnt start. pulled it in garage and was about to begin to tear down for timing belt. figured it must have broke. then i thought i better make sure. had the wife turn the key as i looked in oil fill hole in valve cover. the valves were turning therefore timing belt is not broke. then i thought maybe it jumped a gear. while contimplating the problem,my wife went inside. i didnt know she had left key on. by chance i was looking over fuses that are by the battery. one was kind of sticking up. i push down on it,and i hear something start humming. it was the feul pump. because wife left key in on posistion. i thought " no way" "it cant be that easy" sat in the car turned the key and viola ! it fired right up.

one loose fuse.

i also had the dirty negative terminal (someone spoke of) on starter,on an old ford truck.as it got warm ,no go,father in law told me, bad ground on starter terminal...he was right.

i hope your able to find something simple, electrical problems stink.