I got the Kia fixed, it was my first instinct, bad starter. When I first went in to test it it tested good but the new battery and alternator must have had enough to start it for a week before it realy bit it. The Kia will still be up for sale soon, my wife and I have talked about it for a while. I will not be going to the dark side, I will be going back to the dark side. I had a 98 TJ that I sold in 2000, Thats when I took over my wifes Kia. I realy miss my Jeep and am ready to get back in a Jeep, you will never here me bad talking Kia's or any other 4x4, they all have good and bad. I will not be a stranger here either but I doubt if I will get active on the Jeep forum here, they have not been to friendly with me when I ask a question or have a coment.


95 Sportage, gone but not forgotten.
98 Jeep TJ, 4" Zone springs with RC Long arms, Ford 8.8", 4.56 gears & Detroit locker rear, D30, 4.56 & Detroit Trutrack front.