well looks like we have a few intersted.
ok first of all mine name is Nick and have been building this care for two years.What we need to sort out is the correct definition of the word (locker).A locker is only a traction aid period.Dose not matter what it is called but it is not a %100 locked diff.If you do not agree with what i said i an sorry but dont chim in on this thread.I hate lockers period.Now a DIFF LOCK is what i want people to talk about, were it %100 locked buy a flick of a switch or when you the driver want it locked.Now your saying this is crap no aviliable part.Well there is not, so like all the other stuff i have made for this car including crawler gears lets make one. Are we still interested.Remember if your a fan of the LOCKER,LSD ECT do not chime in. <img src="/forums/images/graemlins/cheers.gif" alt="" />

I love hammers