WHAT THE HECK ARE YOU GUYS TALKING ABOUT???? a greek diff, a limited slip diff (had it - not worth the effort), bringing one from brasil.....

guys - especialy down under- you have a diff lock maker only 5 flight hours away (no pricey shipment)-

DIFF LOCKERS ARE AVAILABLE FROM OFFROAD KOREA!!!! I have purchased one from a kia dealer in ISRAEL - the korean site is ok and their english is just fine


Im not talking limited slip - i mean a full locker - for both front and rear diffs. my locker is an automatic kind - much like the LOCKRIGHT you can find on many suzuki offroaders. it is NOT air operated like an ARB locker (you guys doun under probably know what in talking about). it works fine.

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2001 sporty. 4 inch lift+ body lift-front lovlells coils+extended forks. reat tj. monroe shocks. full skid plate, auxilary fan. external oil cooler. maxxis 8060 235/75 R15 tires on american racing wheels. trackfinder rear diff lock.