WHAT THE HECK ARE YOU GUYS TALKING ABOUT???? a greek diff, a limited slip diff (had it - not worth the effort), bringing one from brasil.....

guys - especialy down under- you have a diff lock maker only 5 flight hours away (no pricey shipment)-

DIFF LOCKERS ARE AVAILABLE FROM OFFROAD KOREA!!!! I have purchased one from a kia dealer in ISRAEL - the korean site is ok and their english is just fine

Hi Hadtomer,

Have you tried the link lately. It appears to be compromised. Every time I try to go the website and the various links I have saved both my computers come up with a warning saying that accessing this link will result in damage to the computer or the transfer of SPY WARE. ENTER AT OWN RISK. I have also tried to email PICORP over the past couple of weeks with no reply. Can you try from your end to see if you have any better luck?

THe Greek diff was another option we were all looking into around 4 years ago but as know one was able to establish a reliable contact, price etc it fell by the wayside. I included the link to his website and occasionally you see in other forums refernce to his business, so he does appear to be trading.

For the forum,

The biggest thing people appear to baulk at is the price ( no offence to anyone on the website). Over the years I have found various items like extractors, Engine management chips, Dual battery cradles, Difflocks, Other options to suspension, etc for our Sporty's but because these types of items are not freely available in America for the Sporty's and can be purchased for other models of vehicles quite cheaply over there people do not appear to want to spend the dollars for Sporty specific items that due to small volumeof sales and a niche audience will cost more.

Unfortunately availability of aftermarket support is very limited for our rigs and when an option is found it comes at a cost. Only some people have capitilised ;like yourself and I with difflock options and a few others from the forum.

Guys I think it is time to realise that if you want specific aftermarket items for the Sportage it will usually come at a higher cost than what you can purchase the same items for other cars in America.

I am happy to start another thread and repost all the items and links I have found in Australia that provide aftermarket support for our Sporty's. Perhaps the moderators could make it a Sticky for future referenceinstead of people having to search through all the threads to find the various options. Other's could add to it once they have purchased a part and support has been verified from other parts of the world. These include extractors or headers from wild cat/Genie, second battery trays from Pirahna, Cargo barriers from Milford, Alloy bars from BCF andTJM(not sure if TJM make theirs any more). Aftermarket springs from Dobinson, Ultimate and King Springs in various lifts from 25 mm to 75 mm.

Cheers, Chris. <img src="/forums/images/graemlins/cheers.gif" alt="" />

97 Sporty, snorkel, K&N filter,chipped, ext forks, 40mm Dob Springs, KYB struts, 35mm Jeep TJ Springs, RAV 4 OME shocks, Kaiser Locker 5.38 R&P's, 1&3/8 body lift, 245/75 R16 D674's Sports steering wheel, bullbar, extractors & 2 1/4 exhaust engineered.