I guess I misunderstood something... didn't realize you already have ARB diff locks in your Sportage. Yes, I am interested to hear how you installed them using the stock differential housings. I think we are all interested.

I have tried to cross-reference other differentials that are of compatible-size with the Sporty's diff housings. All of the Sportages' differentials use the same carrier bearing (# 32008), which is also the same one used on the front-axle compatible differentials from the Mazda Miata and RX7. That was already known. And I haven't had any luck finding another differential using the same bearings. In the scope of things, there are a number of specifications that need to match, or be very close to the Sporty's stock diff's dimensions.

- end-to-end length (carrier bearings, flange-to-flange)
- carrier bearing specs (the outer cone/race diameter, at a minimum)
- the ring gear mounting flange (7" for the front, 7.5" in the rear)
- the position of the ring gear mounting flange, so that the backlash between ring and pinion can be properly set.
- Axle spline count and diameter...

I'm sure another diff can be modified to fit, along with the stock housing. But then you create a situation where getting it to work, and work properly is a "maybe" situation. And the cost of going that route can easily-exceed the cost of buying a locker or LSD that is a direct-fit.

That's the dilemma I have worked myself into with the OBX LSD. I thought would be a direct-fit in the rear axle, based on some posts I've read on this forum, only to find that the ring gear flange is too small for the 7.5" ring gear. I have looked into "making it work", to go as far as making a CAD drawing of the ring gear-half of the OBX casing modified with a 7.5"-compatible ring gear mount (which is the ONLY difference between the front and rear diffs on the Sporty, to include the 26 & 28-spline diffs in the rear - only the spider gear and axle spline counts and diameters were altered - nothing else). And what I have found that the cost of having that part fabricated will exceed the cost of a Track Finder locker.

That said, I'm very interested to hear how you were able to install ARB lockers in your Sportage...

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