DUDE....its not like no one knows how to get this stuff - you can read what mods i have on my rig in my signature.

I do not agree with anyone saying that mods for the sporty are hard to come by - I have anything you could possibly want on my rig - 5.38 gears, diff lock rear (still contemplating the front), lift coils, extended forks etc - and yes - they do not come cheap.

but come on guys....you all complain about how mods are hard to find - well - i live in Israel - if you open up a dictionary - under "sh##hole" - well - thats where i live - and yet i have been able to get all of this stuff for my kia. from a kia dealer!!!!! i WISH i were living in the states or in australia - so much more stuff i could do to my rig - and real cheap compared to what it costs here. but you guys.....you cant be serious......i have been a member here for several years and i remember several people who have kindly offered to get some lockers - well - talk is cheap - everyone wants a locker .....no one wants to pay.

you guys - you do not know what you are missing. a locker transforms your car!

so ok....offroad korea is no more - get creative! you can see on the pictures from my diff lock install - you can see the name of the company that makes the trackfinder lockers - woolong or something like that....aint that hard to locate them. we have sportage owners all over the world - from italy to alaska - and cant locate a company that exists and makes diff locks - this moment as we speak?

come on.....

The problem, in the U.S. at least, is that the 1st gen Sportages are a very small market. So the commercial-interest in importing aftermarket performance parts was minimal before, and non-existent now. I think Israel is in a different situation, in regards to market size, consumer interest and the entrepreneurial-spirit in the business-sector. I am sure that if I walked into the parts and service department at my local Kia dealership and asked to purchase a Track Finder locker or some other aftermarket part, they would stare blankly at me.

I have read several posts from others in the U.S. noting that they had tried to contact a supplier outside of the U.S. but never received a response. I have personally emailed "jaffo" in Israel, as listed in your diff lock thread, but received no response whatsoever. And then there's the issue of dead links to suppliers (trackfinder.com, offroadkorea, etc). Personally, I understand these parts won't come cheap. Even if the selling price is good, the cost of shipping to the U.S. will add noticeably to the total cost (true for all international shipping).

That said, the Track Finder Lockers are being sold through a company in Korea: masterjeep.com. They sell for 460,000 won (~$410 USD). I have emailed them to see if they will sell and ship to buyers in the U.S. I'm waiting to hear back. If they won't sell direct, then I can get one through my middle-man seller on eBay for $600 USD. Again, you pay more. But I want something that works - absolutely. And I am willing to pay the price, for this part, at least. Once I have the Track Finder locker, I think I'm done buying aftermarket parts. Everything else I want, or have wanted to do, I can do using components sold in the U.S. (Jeep bumpers, snorkel, suspension lift, etc). I'm not here to cry about problems. I'm here to find solutions... <img src="/forums/images/graemlins/kewl.gif" alt="" />

1997 Sportage 4x4, auto-trans, Warn manual hubs, 4" UPYOURKIA front lift, TJ 106AA rear springs, 2-5/8" body lift, 31x10.50 treads, SmittyBilt SRC front and XRC rear bumper, swing-out tire mount, OBX LSD front diff, Track Finder rear locker, 5.38 R&Ps and... really crappy gas mileage! <img src="/forums/images/graemlins/shiner.gif" alt="" />