Ok, so I have managed to get a response from Korea.

They have available front and rear lockers, which can come with the axle housing (ready to just put the axle shafts into and away you go) or you can just buy the centres.
They do offer 26 spline and 28 spline, so this is good news for the those of us that have the older ones with the different front axle shafts.

They also offer an adjustable pan hard rod, and the 5.38 r & p which Chris has mentioned previously.

On another note, Outdoor 4x4 Auto in Brisbane have decided that they are going to start designing some goodies to suit our rigs. I will be letting them use mine as the dummy vehicl.

They have indicated they will be designing sliders, belly guards, rear bumper/step and a bullbar as well (i am hoping it will be a winch bullbar but this is yet to be decided).
They also already offer a snorkel to suit our vehicles already. I will everyone know what comes of this!

If anyone needs to get in touch with the people in Korea, send me a PM and I will happily forward the details to you.

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