Bazinga - The diff setup doesn't have an impact on the transmission type. A Torsen/helical LSD will work fine with a manual or automatic transmission... If I understood your questions correctly.

Tommychu - Racing on pavement or even or dirt at speed, such as rally racing, is completely different from off-roading 4x4 style. Here's what I know from my own experience and that of others...

- Torsens are stronger for 4x4-style driving because they function as a solid chunk of metal. The gears only turn when there is enough of a difference in the wheel speed to allow it. The gears do not rotate at a high rate of speed. They counter-rotate slowly, thus allowing the power transfer to be split more effectively between the wheels when wheel speeds or traction conditions vary. All that stuff about gears turning fast and overheating is a bunch of bunk.

- Clutch systems tend to react to load by tightening up. If you get a wheel in the air and slam it down, all that energy is transferred to the clutch pack, which will tighten up due to the load. This is how a clutch pack can grenade when used on a 4x4. Sure, they work good on the pavement. But I'm talking about dirt. I got this bit of info from my local 4x4 shop. The guys recommended I stay away from the clutch LSDs, specifically for that reason.

- I've heard lots of people comment that Torsens are bad on the trail because you lose all power transfer if you get a wheel free-spinning. This is true to some extent and isn't favorable on the race track when running at speed. But on the trail, all you have to do is touch the brake pedal and you'll have power going to the wheel with traction. If you know how to operate the equipment, you won't have a problem. By the way, this is what they teach Humvee drivers in the US military. Because the Humvee uses 3 Torsens for it's traction system: 1 in the rear diff, 1 in the front and 1 in the transfer case. The Hummer ain't no rally car or an RX-7. It's made to go places those Barbie-rigs can only dream of... <img src="/forums/images/graemlins/patriot.gif" alt="" />

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1997 Sportage 4x4, auto-trans, Warn manual hubs, 4" UPYOURKIA front lift, TJ 106AA rear springs, 2-5/8" body lift, 31x10.50 treads, SmittyBilt SRC front and XRC rear bumper, swing-out tire mount, OBX LSD front diff, Track Finder rear locker, 5.38 R&Ps and... really crappy gas mileage! <img src="/forums/images/graemlins/shiner.gif" alt="" />