ok, it's been a really, really long time since i have visited this forum...

i bought another sportage in 2008, i sold the little beast about 6 months ago (for those that remember it, R.I.P.... and yes, i'm terribly sad about that but it was unavoidable)...

so, anyway, i bought an '02 model in '08. i tried to change the fuel filter today. now, i have changed the fuel filter on older models and could have swore the connectors were different... i think i broke the clasps on the connectors... so, do i need to replace the whole fuel line? i thought about cutting the line and just using hose clamps, but the hoses seem too short, anyone done it? normally, i'm resourceful enough that i don't have to ask too many questions, but i'm a little wary when it comes to the possibility of a gasoline fire.

any help is appreciated, thanks.

95 Sportage w/welded and 5.89 geared dana 44's on 38.5" TSL's.- SADLY SOLD
CURRENTLY - 2000 sportage, 5.38 gears, welded diffs, 35" tires, 5.5" lift